The new home for Flying Pig Studios

Its the end of the road for MobileMe. Apple’s online service is no more as of today, and for now, I’m not investing in webhosting until I’m sure I’ll do a better job of keeping things current. I hope to add some of the galleries of work to this site, and may look at going pro with WordPress.

I’m not terribly impressed with iCloud at this point and feel like there are several other, better ways to do the things I was doing with MobileMe (Most are even free!)

I’m sure I’ll eventually go back to a full-fledged website, but for now I want to see how this works.

UPDATE: The picture is supposed to illustrate “end of the road” but it looks like I’m setting up my studio in my sister’s cabin in Nashville. (I wish!)


Art Table Set Up!

As the 30th anniversary of Ernie, Skip and Joe approaches, I’ve set up the old art table in the den. This is where almost all of the ES&J’s were drawn as well as some of the early Jack Quasars and untold other comics and projects. My grandmother gave me the table, and even though it’s stained and scored, it seems ready for several more years of service.
India ink, Bristol paper and quill pens have been replaced with a Mac laptop and a Wacom tablet. The old school/new school thing appeals to me, and I look forward to sharing new artwork soon.